Welcome to My Cozy Corner of the Internet

Welcome to My Cozy Corner of the Internet

I love blogging and filming YouTube videos, but I’ve struggled for quite some time, trying to figure out what my niche was. After all, I’ve loved knitting, makeup, and fashion for quite some time, and ever since becoming a mom, I’ve also loved that mama life. However, none of these topics seemed to mesh well until I realized that they do all center around the idea of creating a cozy atmosphere for my family and I. My hand knit sweaters blend seamlessly into my minimalistic, casual wardrobe, which is comprised of comfortable pieces that allow me to chase after my three year old daughter, Evelyn, and will be useful for when my three month old son, Charlie, starts moving.

Keeping that in mind, I’ve decided that my desire for coziness should simply spill over into what I do online, and what better time to do that than now, at the beginning of the holiday season, when most people are settling in for the winter? Here, I’ll be sharing outfit inspiration, knitting projects that I’ve been working on, and any parenting tips I may have. Who knows? I may even share an original knitting pattern or two with you! Regardless of what I end up posting, you can be sure that it will be geared toward making life easier and more comfortable.

I’m hoping to start by sharing at least 2-3 posts a week, so if you’d like to come along with my family and I as we strive for a simple, cozy life, please check back here often! Also, please bear with me for the next week or two as we get all the features of this site up and going. I know that features such as the subscribe button aren’t working, yet, but I’m hoping that we’ll get it fixed soon. Until then, I’m so glad that you’ve stopped by, and hope you’ll be back again!

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