Hygge Twist Cowl

Merry Christmas! I'd mentioned in my first post that I was hoping to share a knitting pattern or two with you, and while I don't know how many I'll actually write up, this one just had to be shared! It's a very simple


Teddy Bear Sweater by PetiteKnit

I recently posted about Evelyn's Christmas sweater, which will be Anker's Dress by PetiteKnit. In that post, I mentioned that I wanted to make up the Teddy Bear sweater for my son, Charlie, which was also by PetiteKnit. I was a little worried


Anker’s Dress by PetiteKnit

It used to be that I didn't really like to knit the same thing twice. However, as I've figured out my sense of style over the years, I've come across a few patterns that I find myself coming back to again and again.